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Naming your baby

Posted by Admin June 12, 2012

Choosing a name for your baby is one of the most important tasks you will ever undertake. The name is central to a child's earliest sense of identity, so the worst thing you could do when choosing a baby name is to rush into it. Settling for a name you are not very happy with may affect you and your child for a lifetime! Don't commit yourself to the first name that you'll find. Keep searching until you'll find a name that you truly like. Here are a few tips you should consider when choosing your baby's name....

Before choosing a name with a unique pronunciation or spelling keep in mind that your child will spend his or her lifetime explaining to others how the name is really spelled or pronounced. No one likes having their name constantly misspelled or mispronounced that's for sure.

Try to avoid choosing a name that is too long. Many parents give their children names that are three or four syllables long and are disappointed when other people shorten the name. If you give your child a long name, there is no doubt that at some point in his life, the child is going to have his name shortened. Check the nicknames or shortened forms of the names you have chosen. Be sure to avoid baby names that might produce funny nicknames when people shorten them. If you don't like this nickname, you can always reconsider your decision.

Another point to remember is to try out how the entire name will sound when it is called out. A good name is always easy to pronounce. This is not just for other people but also for the child himself. Put the name and surname together to see if it can be spoken out easily. Sometimes, the name and surname put together may come out as a tongue twister, especially if they have the same syllables. Make sure you choose a name that can be clearly spoken.

Make sure that the name you choose is one that your child will be able to grow up with. Keep in mind that it should be applicable for all ages. You shouldn't pick a name that's really cute for an adorable little baby but will sound silly when the baby grows up.

There is a special feeling when both of you sit down to pick out a name for the child you have created together. Choosing a name for your baby is also a serious decision. Friends and members of the family will swamp you with their suggestions. From parents to distant relatives, everyone had their own opinion. Therefore, it is always good to think it over beforehand.
Some parents like to wait until they have given birth before they think of choosing a name. Childbirth itself is a painful and exhausting process. Do remember that once your baby arrives you would be too preoccupied with your baby to have time to take a rational decision about your baby’s name.

Choose the names that you are most passionate about and make a favorites list as concise as possible.It's not a bad idea to see what people around you think. But you should pick a name because you love it, not because of what everybody else thinks of it.
Finding a suitable name for your child need not be a harrowing experience. It just needs some thought and a little careful consideration. A name is truly a lifetime gift, and it helps define your child - within the family, to friends, at school and to the outside world. If you consider the options carefully and select with love, you really can't go wrong.



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