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Your baby
The place to discuss anything related to your baby
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Newborns and young babies
Now your baby is here. Share advice, concerns or any questions you have about caring your newborn.
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Breast feeding
Get help, support, advice and talk about breast feeding issues with other new mums
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Disposable or reusable? What choice to make? Share your advice and experience with other new mums.
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Caring for premature babies and beyond
Get support and share advice, concerns and questions from other mums who are caring for preterm babies
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Getting baby to sleep
Find advice or share your experiences and tips here on getting your baby to sleep
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Start your baby off on a happy, healthy diet. Share information, tips and experiences with other mums on how to get your baby started on solid foods for a successful weaning
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Birth-6 months
Get advice and support from other mums on how to cope with the first few months of motherhood
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6-12 months
From those first baby words to walking, share and get advice on parenting tips and stories with other mums.
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