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You after birth

All the attention may now be focused on the baby, but you have just been through a life changing event, too. Taking care of yourself is important so here we focus on you for a while.....

It takes between four and six weeks for your body to return to its normal state. If you had a caesarean, it will take you longer to recover from the effects of the operation. It may take you up to a year to get back to feeling yourself, both physically and emotionally.  Knowing what to expect can make things easier. Take things slowly, and use these tips for coping with the first few days.

As your body gets rid of the extra fluid it was carrying at the end of pregnancy, you may sweat more and go to the toilet more often. Your ankles face and hands should start to look less puffy as this happens.
Breast changes

You will produce “colostrum” rather than milk for the first few days. When the milk “comes in”, around day three or four, your breasts will probably increase in size and feel heavier than normal. Baby led demand feeding is the best way to prevent and deal with engorgement. If you are breastfeeding remember that you don’t have to drink milk to make milk, though you may find you are thirsty when feeding. Have a glass of water or juice at hand.

Dad matters, too

Your spouse is going through his own emotional changes, just as you are. It can take a while to adjust to the responsibility of being a father. Couples often find that the demands of a new baby put their own relationship under stress.

Where you used to be able to talk, now you can’t because a baby has kept one or both of you awake most of the night and you are too tired to think, never mind talk. These early days can be very intense. Things will calm down as your baby settles, and then you will find time for each other again. For the moment, if you can both remember that, it will help

Dads can get involved in nappy changing, bathing, settling the baby for a sleep, taking her out, and just cuddling. The more time a dad spends caring for his baby, the more confident he will feel as a parent.

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