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Getting to grips with the basics can make the job of caring for your baby easier and also help you relax into parenthood, confident of your abiltiy to get things done. All babies are different, and no one technique will always work, but if you have a clear idea of the best way to go about bathing and changing her, looking after her teeth and skin, and caring for her when she is ill, the job of looking after your baby will run that much more smoothly.

Above all trust your instincts; try not to panic when things don't go exactly to plan, or you are unsure about your abilites as a parent. If your baby is loved and cared for, she will be just fine.

In the next few sections we give you some guidelines on how to go about caring for your baby. You can click on the links below and get started.

Bathing your baby

Changing nappies

Baby skin care

Packing you changing bag



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