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Week 12 of Pregnancy

Congratulations!! This week signifies the end of the first trimester. Week 12 is not only a major milestone (as you have reached one third of the way), but it also means that the most critical phase of your pregnancy is over now. If your baby has developed healthily to this point, then he or she is very likely to grow just as expected.  At this stage, the discomforts and anxieties of early pregnancy are likely to ease off. This week also marks the end of the most critical points of your baby’s growth and development. From this week on your baby will continue to grow in size.

You may be due for your first scan if you haven’t done so already. You will get to see and hear your baby for the first time. Your baby’s heart beat will be detectable on the ultrasound and you will be able to see basic outline of his body, head, arm, and legs. You will now feel comfortable telling everyone your good news.

Your body

Your uterus will shift upwards towards the pubic bone from its usual position in the pelvis. The top of the uterus will be just above the pelvic bone. As your uterus is lifting up and out of the pelvis, the pressure on your bladder will ease. You won’t need to dash to the bathroom quite so frequently now. You may observe noticeable changes in the skin. There may be an outbreak of pimples and many pigmentation changes will be seen in the skin. There will darkening of the skin surrounding the nipples and you notice darker patches of pigmentation on your face. This is because of the hormonal influence and will fade after you have the baby. Refer to our section on first trimester symptoms to read more.

Your baby

By the end of this week, when the uterus is just palpable above the symphysis pubis, the crown-rump length of your baby is 6 to 7 cm. Your baby is the size of the plum. Centers of ossification have appeared in most of the foetal bones, and the fingers and toes have become differentiated. Skin and nails have developed and scattered rudiments of hair appear; the external genitalia are beginning to show definitive signs of male or female gender. Your baby begins to make spontaneous movements. He has wrists and elbows that bend. His face will start to look more human with distinguishable features like eyes and nose. Your baby’s brain has started producing hormones, and nerve cells are spreading at a higher pace. He may start sucking as early as this week. If you stimulate certain points of your uterus then your baby might move in response, though, you may not be able to actually feel him flickering for another few weeks. The growth of the baby’s head slows down considerably by the end of this week. The brain has the same structure it will have at birth, although it will be quite larger. The intestines are beginning to contract and are moving from the umbilical cord into the body cavity. A large portion of the amniotic fluid will be the baby’s urine from this point on as the kidneys begin to excrete urine.


1) Why have I started feeling dizzy?

Your body is producing more blood than before and your circulatory system is also expanding.  Your body at this stage is finding it hard to keep up with the increase in the circulatory volume.

Keep a supply of snacks on hand for those moments when you’re feeling dizzy. Try not to stand up too quickly if you’ve been sitting down for a while. Give your body time to adjust your blood pressure as you stand. Get plenty of rest.

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