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Week 25 of Pregnancy

By the time you reach 25 weeks, you will be blooming and glowing. Your belly while big is not huge, and for most part you are probably enjoying the attention everyone is offering you during pregnancy. You may find that your hair and nails are growing faster than usual, and your hair is becoming thicker- two bonuses of the pregnancy hormones circulating in your body! Think about the future and plan your finances. You and your partner could talk about what you had both like to happen when your baby arrives. Who will you ask to help out with the baby in the initial few months, if you have a nuclear family?  Discussing these things in advance will help reduce the anxiety later on, especially if your baby arrives a little early than expected.

Your body

As your bump grows, your skin may become dry and itchy. You may start to notice some brown marks across the abdomen, these are stretch marks. These marks appear as your skin begins stretching to accommodate your enlarged belly. Don’t worry; these marks will fade after you have had your baby.  Remember to hydrate yourself by drinking plenty of water and moisturise your skin with a safe skin care product. You can use cocoa butter or almond oil or any other over the counter stretch mark cream that is safe to use during pregnancy. Start early before the stretch marks actually appear.

As you get closer to your delivery date you may have trouble sleeping. Anxiety, frequent urination, heartburn, indigestion, leg cramps, and general discomfort can contribute to sleeplessness. Because your hormones are in overdrive, you may also be experiencing mood swings. You may be constipated, have increased sweating, vivid dreams, or become forgetful. Haemorrhoids may develop, which are dilated blood vessels in the rectal area. Learn more about how to deal with your discomforts in our section on second trimester symptoms.

As your uterus continues to grow it places some pressure on your back and pelvis. Because of this, some women will experience a condition called sciatica. Severe pain often results and can occur in the lower back, legs or even buttocks. Some women will experience numbness or tingling in the legs. In many cases the pain subsides within 1-2 weeks, though it may not disappear completely until after delivery.


Your baby

Your baby now has a well proportioned head and body. Your baby’s nostrils will have started to open up now so your baby will be taking some practice breaths. Her vocal cords are also functioning now, so prepare to feel a few hiccups here and there!

This week your baby is practising her motor skills as she curls her fingers into a fist or grabs the umbilical cord. Her adult teeth are also starting to form but won’t be visible until the milk teeth fall out around the age of six.

 His spine starts to mature and blood vessels form in the lungs. The smallest blood vessels of the body-the capillaries- are beginning to develop under the baby’s skin. As blood fills these new vessels, they give your baby’s skin a red or pinkish appearance, because the blood in the capillaries is visible.

Your baby can still turn somersaults inside you but is beginning to fill the space in your uterus. He has periods of sleeping and waking. He may become very active when you take a bath or shower. Your baby is growing at a rate of almost 1 cm a week and over the next 5 weeks she will put on about 300 gm, half as much as he weighs now!


If you are finding it hard to sleep well- try lying on your side with a pillow under your upper leg, to take the weight off your bump Pregnancy pillows help you a lot during this time in getting a better sleep and providing discomfort. Wind down before you try to sleep- try a warm bath, reading, listening to some soothing music. Try to have an early dinner as too much food before bed might give you indigestion and keep you awake.


1) How to do kegel exercises?

When you do your kegel exercises you are actually contracting your pelvic floor muscles. To start with the exercise you need to first identify the correct muscles. This can be done by trying to stop the flow of urine when you are urinating. Contract these muscles for 10 seconds, then relax, repeating 10-20 times. This exercise can be done anytime and anywhere. You can do it while watching TV or cooking or doing dishes. Try to do your Kegel exercises at least three times a day.

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