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7 month old


By now your baby should be able to sit up with support, or perhaps on his own. Since his hands aren't holding him up he can use them to socialize and play. He expresses his delight with huge and sometimes toothy smiles.Your baby's vision should be good enough by now for him to see across the room. And he should be expressing himself in the form of babbling by joining vowel and consonant sounds together repetitively. He may also be mastering the arts of grabbing and grasping by now, and might even be gearing up for his first attempts at crawling by getting himself on to all fours and wobbling with intent in one direction or another! Here is what you can typically expect from a seven month old:

       Social and Emotional development
  • Enjoys  peek-a-boo

  • Distinguishes emotions by tone of voice

  • Experiences stranger’s anxiety

  • Enjoys looking at mirror

  • Will show a distinct preference towards certain people especially mother

    Language and Communication skills

  • Imitates variety of sounds

  • Imitates simple acts

  • Talks when others are talking

  • Responds to “no”

  • Babbles

  • Uses voice to express joy and displeasure

          Cognitive skills
  • Able to fixate on small objects
  • Transfers objects from one hand to another

  • Bangs objects on surfaces

  • Awareness of depth and space

  • Finds partially hidden object

  • Responds to name.

    Physical development

  • Can self-feed some finger foods

  • Sits without support, may lean forward on both hands

  • Reaches out with one hand

  • Rolls over; pivots; crawls or creep-crawls

  • Bounces when held in standing position; may support most of weight

  • Bears weight on one hand when lying on stomach

  • Gets up on his hands and knees, rocks back and forth, and may even crawl

  • Bangs cube on table

  • Transfers the cube from hand to hand

Developmental watch
  • Seems very stiff with tight muscles
  • Seems very floppy, like rag doll

  • Shows no affection for the person who cares for him

  • Does not respond to sounds around him

  • Doesn’t smile spontaneously

  • Cannot sit with help

  • Does not actively reach for objects

  • Does not babble

  • Doesn’t follow objects with both eyes

Recommended activities
  • Peek-a-boo. He’s probably been playing this game for several months, but now he initiates the whole process: covering himself and then uncovering himself and acting surprised
  • Pots, pans, cell phones, remotes are fun to play with.

  • Mirror: babies find their own reflection fascinating. Choose a safe, unbreakable mirror designed for babies.

  • Talk about the objects around you, so that he can match up things with their names

  • Use your baby’s name when you talk to him

  • Look at picture books together

  • Hide and seek: crawl out of baby’s sight and then pop out- he will giggle like mad!

Babies grow and develop at different rates. The information above is offered as a guide. There is no need to expect your baby's development to fit with all the above descriptions. If you’re at all worried about your baby's development, it is best to speak with your doctor.





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