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Packing your hospital bag


It is a good idea to pack two bags, one for labour and the other for afterwards.You can also consider keeping some additional supplies in a handy bag at home for your family to bring in the day after the birth rather than trying to carry a really heavy bag in with you while you are in labour!
Here are our suggestions for what to put in them. You can customise it to suit your needs.


  • Comfortable clothes for labour (i.e. night gown, loose fitting T-shirt). You may need about three changes of clothes.
  • Hospital paperwork-registration card and health records
  • Comfortable day clothes for after you have had your baby
  • Hairbrush and hair bands to keep the hair off your face
  • Your wash bag with toothbrush, hair brush, soap and other toiletries

  • Eye glasses (no contacts)

  • Face cloth or a sponge to cool you down

  • Towel, dressing gown and slippers
  • Massage oil

  • High energy snacks for you and your labour partner (sandwiches, bananas, nuts)

  • Fruit drinks for both of you

  • Magazines, jigsaws, games for early first stage

  • Camera and camera battery charger

  • Mp3 player or ipod

  • Front opening night gown if you are going to breast feed.
  • Wash bag with make-up, deodorant , brush

  • Disposable knickers/maternity underpants

  • Packet of large size maternity pads

  • Two or three nursing bra and breast pads

  • Loose, comfortable outfit to come home in and a spare change
  • Plastic bags for dirty clothes (for you and baby)

For your baby
  • Plenty of nappies
  • Cotton wool

  • 3-4 vests

  • 3-4 changes of clothes or body suits

  • Blanket or shawl

  • Cap, socks and pair of mittens if it’s winter

  • Cardigans/ all in one coat for coming home  if it’s winter

Choosing where to buy

You don’t have to trail round the shops to see what’s on offer.
See our comprehensive shops directory for online stores selling everything from maternity clothing, accessories to baby clothing, baby products and everything in between!



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